Spiny-tailed geckos


Thorn-tailed gecko

Strophurus assimilis

Assimilis is latin for similar and S. assimilis reminds of the closely related S. intermedius. They have two wavy rows of pale yellow tubercles on their backs. The tail spines are short and arranged in four streight lines. Eyes are maroon coloured with heavy reticulated pattern.

Northern spiny-tailed gecko

Strophurus ciliaris ciliaris

A large Strophurus species with long spines on the tail and above the eyes. Base color varies from light grey to dark brown with yellow/orange and black markings.

I have been keeping these since somewhere around 2008.

Jewelled gecko

Strophurus elderi

A short and shubby Strophurus species with white spots like stars on the night sky. They are

restricted to spinifex habitat on red soils, usually in association with mallee woodlands.

Southern spiny-tailed gecko

Strophurus intermedius

A compact Strophurus species with a bit stubbier tail and short dot-like spines. Base color is grey with different amount of black pattern. According to me, this is one of the most underestimated species.

Kristin's spiny-tailed gecko

Strophurus krisalys

This species got a very anonynomous appearance, except for their medium long yellow tail spines and red marbled eyes. In my experience, they are among the slower Strophurus species - both in how they move and in growth rate.

Exmouth spiny-tailed gecko

Strophurus rankini

A small and smooth Strophurus species with a subtle zig-zag pattern on a light grey background suit. Their yellow eyes with a bit of white markings are really popping!

Active hunters which are very fun to watch.

Soft spiny-tailed gecko

Strophurus spinigerus inornatus

An orange-eyed form of S. spinigerus with shorter spines and less prominent black pattern.

Soft spiny-tailed gecko

Strophurus spinigerus spinigerus

A very elegant Strophurus

species. Light grey base color, black zig-zag markings along the back and long soft spines on the tail. The eyes are bright yellow.

Golden-tailed gecko

Strophurus taenicauda


Black and white marbled base color, amazingly bright red eyes and a fantastic golden tail! This is a species which stands out among the genus many shades of grey.

Western Shield spiny-tailed gecko

Strophurus wellingtonae


Nowadays a more uncommon species within the genus Strophurus. Their bodies are long and medium slim. Spines are long and red to orange in color. Eyes have an amazing marbled pattern.

Eastern spiny-tailed gecko

Strophurus williamsi


This was the very first Strophurus species i kept back in 2007 and it's still a favorite. Its base color is grey with black markings, either in form of dots or in a reticulated pattern. Spines are short and light brown in several rows along the tail and back. Eyes are orange.