The first eggs are here!

2023 is over and all juveniles have found their homes.
2024 has begun and my breeding pairs have been together in summer temperatures for two weeks.
Looking forward to some eggs!

I got a new species at the September Hamm show and finally I've published it at my collection page. Take a look!

Strophurus elderi

Now we are in the middle of the calm and cold winter period, but there's still a few 2023 babies available here.

The website host's connection to Facebook is currently not working, that's why the bottom of this page looks a bit weird.

All babies from 2022 are sold, now I will enjoy a nice, calm winter.
Now you can also follow my gecko life on Instagram, see you there!

I will have a table at the next Hamm fair, 10th of December. My table will be at row 9 in the main hall. Welcome!

My table at the 2022 December Hamm show.

I survived the long trip to Hamm, met a lot of friends and had a great show!
Next show will be Expo Stockholm 24th of September.
Check out the available site, it's updated and more will come soon!.

Too long time without any news on the website!
But today I've added a preview of what's happening at the Facebook page below this news section.
I've also checked the available page, now it's up to date. Not much on it at the moment, but I have quite a few eggs incubating.

Still some 2020 animals left for sale. Transport is kind of a problem though, due to the pandemic...

More juveniles sexed and ready to move! Now you will also find
S. williamsi at the available page.

Finally some animals for sale! For now, they are only available in Sweden.

The website is updated with a gallery of pictures. Take a look!

Next project is of coarse more Strophurus-pictures.

Four different Strophurus-species hatched in the last days.

Four species hatched.

They have started to hatch!


Eggs keep coming!
Soon the first ones should hatch.


Season 2020 has started!
Keep an eye out for updates on the available page.


I will have a table at the next Hamm fair, 14th of December. My table will be at RG. Welcome!

My table at the 2019 December Hamm show.

Thank you SHF for inviting me to talk about Strophurus at your members' chruise last weekend!
Stockholms Herpetologiska Förening

Next show will be the 14th of December in Hamm, Germany.
I will write the table number as soon as I get it.

The available page is updated!
Next show will be the 28th of September in Södertälje, Sweden.

Delivered and sold some geckos in Hamm yesterday.
I also got some nice new additions to my gecko crew:
0.1 Strophurus wellingtonae
1.1 Strophurus spinigerus inornatus
1.0 Strophurus ciliaris ciliaris

I will have a table at the next Hamm fair, 14th of September. My table will be at Z2R2. Welcome!

My table at the 2019 September Hamm show.

The available page is updated!
Have a look and see what I will bring to Hamm in September.

Babies keep coming!
So far I have got 5 S. taenicauda, 2 S. spinigerus spinigerus, 2 S. williamsi and some vipergeckos.

Strophurus williamsi

Second S. taenicauda of the year!

Strophurus taenicauda

First baby of the year hatched today, a tiny beautiful Strophurus taenicauda.

Strophurus taenicauda

Today I have updated the collection page of the website. Now you can see new picture of all my Strophurus species and also the other geckos I keep.

Eggs are coming! So far taenicauda, spinigerus and williamsi have layed good eggs.

All tanks are cleaned and the females are ready for a new season. Soon the males will be introduced and the 2019 season begins!

Clean tanks Breeder females 2019

There will be no more offspring availble this year. Welcome back in 2019!

The available page is updated. Have a look and see what I will bring to Hamm.

I will have a table at the next Hamm fair, 8th of September. My table will be in room KR. You are more than welcome to stop by and say hello! :)

My table at the 2018 september Hamm show.

The website is now up and running! I'm very new to this, so please give me tips for improvments.
Strophurus ciliaris ciliaris